Monday, May 24, 2010

With gale force winds & a number of wardrobe changes, Tabetha, Johnny & I set off for the cliffs overlooking the ocean!

I'm not sure what we were thinking but it surely was an experience. As we braved the cold winds along the bluffs & made our way to the Legion Of Honor we ran into a beautiful large coyote only a few feet in front of us. The coyote was perched on top of a wall that surrounds the Legion Of Honor. He sat there for a moment looking like one of the museums sculptures then hopped off and nonchalantly walked by us stopping to take care of his business with no care of our close proximity. At the end of our hike we headed to a coffee shop to warm our hands on mugs of hot chocolate & warm cider & talk about the days adventures. I hope you love these T & J because you were super troopers!