Saturday, July 31, 2010

The continuation of Cindy & Nick at The Rosewood Sandhill Resort in Menlo Park on 7/17/10

Words can't describe what an awesome, warm and caring couple Cindy & Nick are. I was really touched by the love both Cindy and Nick expressed towards their families. It only takes a minute for an outsider like me to see that the 2 of them have great role models to draw from and are surrounded by loving families and friends. Thanks C & N for making me feel so welcomed, trusted and appreciated.

Venue: Rosewood Sand Hill resort
Event planner: Chui Liu
Flowers: Katherine Oliver
Makeup and hair: Jira_wowpretty

The first look:


Julie said...

Hi Dave, somehow I lost your great comment. Sorry about that.

Yu Ying said...

Hi, Julie,
I was touched by the photos you've posted so far. You and Alex really caught the emotions and the beauty of the day. Thanks for your good work.
Yu-Ying, Cindy's mom

Julie said...

Hi Yu Ying! I am so happy that you have enjoyed the images so far. It was great meeting you both at the coffee shop and at the wedding. Thanks for sharing your table so I could have a piece of the cake Cindy spoke so highly of. I loved photographing Cindy and Nicks wedding!