Monday, March 15, 2010

What makes you, you?

On your wedding day: are you going to have the time of your life? Are you going to coordinate your pumps to match his funky colorful polka dot socks that only the two of you will secretly know about? Or maybe there will be colorful whisks in each floral table arrangement because you both love to cook. Whatever it might be, these are the things that will set the stage in having a fun, unique and personalized wedding. Wedding photographers have been to many weddings and in a way are experts on what takes a wedding from generic to intimate. Adding your personality to the small details showcasing who you two are as a couple gives an intimate feel to the day and therefore your photographs. Photographers are inspired by these details because it tells the story about you; you are no longer just another Dick and Jane getting married. Go for it, have fun and leave your individual footprint on one of the biggest days in your lives!


Mark said...

They looks great, Julie! :)

Natasha said...

ooooooooooh I love it Julie,soo, so true!
I wish I'd written it :)

Julie Weisberg said...

Thanks N!