Saturday, September 27, 2008

[b] school...

Christopher Becker is a very talented and respected photographer in the industry. I Have included his video widget on my blog because if there's even a little way to give back to Becker I want to do it. As you may already know if you are keeping up with my blog, a few months back my then boyfriend Rob fell ill to encephalitis. It was a very difficult time for me. Beside working full time, visiting Rob each day in the hospital, talking with his doctor's and taking care of his dog, I was trying to deal with his upcoming wedding season business. It was overwhelming. Many photographers offered to shoot Rob's weddings including internationally recognized photographers. Chris Becker went above and beyond not only offering to shoot for Rob but also sending a video shout out on his popular blog to photographers for help. He organized the long list of volunteer photographers, matched them up to the couples about to be married and wrote each couple with a list of photographers they could choose from. Becker didn't know me or Rob from Adam, yet he reached out to us, I can't thank him enough. I thought Becker deserved an action hero in his likeness. Shouldn't everybody renowned have their own doll! Here's the bobblehead that Rob and I gave to Becker as a thank you. If you watch his bschool video you'll see it even talks!

Go check out [b] school, I intend to!

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