Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rob's and my engagement session with Irene and Conrad.

I had been dating another wedding photographer when he came down with encephalitis (swelling of the brain). I took him into the hospital on March 23rd, Easter day. The next 3 months were painful, gut wrenching and tragic. I watched my best friend and lover become paralyzed and fall into a deep sleep. There was always a fear that he'd never wake up and if he did what would he be like after suffering so much brain damage. 3 months to the day Rob was released from the hospital walking and talking. He cannot remember his past, nor our relationship but he can still shoot as is evidence here. Rob and I are no longer dating, but with everything we've been thru there is a bond of friendship. Take a look at this engagement session of a sweet couple Rob booked last year and we shot together recently. I think we make a good team...


Anonymous said...


These pictures are darling! I'm sorry to hear that you and Rob aren't a couple anymore, but it's great to see you making great photographs together.

Your friend from the DWF,


Julie Weisberg said...

Hi Tamera,

Thanks so much for visiting the blog and writing a nice comment! Life is a funny thing. I never expected to be on this road but here I am. I miss the relationship we once had, it was a good one. For now we are building a new relationship with a great friendship and I am happy for that. Thanks again for leaving your comment and venturing to my blog.