Saturday, April 26, 2008

Romeo & Christine engagement. 4/20/08 Together 16 years! Since Jr high! I decided to play around a little with these images of this loving couple.


Christine said...

We really had a great time working with you on this shoot. The pictures are so vivid, beautiful, and evoke so much feeling. I love how you captured the moments and feelings that Romeo and I were sharing with each other so well. Everyone tells us how lucky we are to have found you as our photographer, and we can't agree with them more. Can't wait for the wedding on June 21st!!


Astrid said...

You did such a wonderful job capturing the feelings between Romeo and Christine! GREAT work! I especially love the last three images.

I've been with my husband for 17 years (since we were juniors in high school) so I totally relate these lovely images.

Awesome work,

Julie said...

Hi Christine, I had such a nice time with you guys too. You two are so romantic and the story of how long ago you met and what you've done to keep the love alive really touched me. I think the bond you both share came across in the images or at least I hope it did. Julie

Julie said...

Hi Astrid, Thanks for checking out the blog and the compliments! I think it's just amazing when people meet so young and stay together. I don't even stay in touch with friends from junior high. Congratulations on your successful marriage. So what's your secret?